Pay It Forward

June 4, 2009

imagesIt’s graduation time, and for those who are finishing school and looking to enter the workforce, this is not the best of the times, to say the least. I can relate in some ways because when I graduated in the early 90s, it was a recession as well, although obviously not to this extent. So while you may not have a job to offer these educated souls, there are many other ways you can offer your help. Can you give them advice? Sometimes the most daunting part of entering a field is understanding the unwritten rules of a company or a profession. If you have experience, you have an expertise to share. And if you don’t think you have info to share, do you know people who you can refer them to? We all have networks, and if you know someone who might be able to help someone else out, don’t be shy about making the connection.

Many universities have mentoring networks. I’ve been a “career counselor” for my alma mater for many years, and I’m happy to field phone calls from both currently graduating students and alumni who are out working and would like to talk to someone for advice. This year I also got involved in a night of round tables, where students could get up close and personal to hear about my experience and ask whatever questions they had. Yes, it’s time out of my day or night, but I remember being so grateful to those who took the time to talk to me when I was looking for that first break.

So if you know a graduate, congratulate them, and then ask how you can help! They’ll be grateful, you’ll feel good about helping them, and who knows — maybe someday they’ll be in a spot to help you. And that’s what its all about.

Britain’s Got Spite

Is it just me or is the whole Susan Boyle/Britian’s Got Talent saga a tragedy in the making? The woman comes out in her frumpy dress to be greeted by a snickering crowd, blows them away with her singing, gets subjected to some half-assed makeover, paparazzi staking her out, journalists digging through her garbage, she starts to feel some backlash, loses to a dance troupe and then checks herself into a hospital for exhaustion, all in the space of like three weeks. I feel like the show needs to get her some help! So cruel — they got so much exposure from her and now it’s like they’re leaving her in a heap on the side of the road. Very sad.

Crowning Achievement

One of my kids’ favorite craft projects of the moment is to make construction paper crowns.  Take one piece of colored paper, cut it the long way in a zig zag pattern, tape it together to make a long strip. Let your kids decorate it any way they’d like. Then wrap it around their head, tape it so it fits, and let the fun begin!


There was a great piece in the Times today about a blog called It’s exactly what you think it would be: recommendations of where to get lunch in Midtown, all for under $10. The biggest news I got from the site is that Baja Fresh has opened its first NYC outpost on Lexington! Fantastic news…look out Chipotle!

All right, we’re more than half way through the week. Hang on, the weekend’s coming!


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