Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

June 3, 2009

21989Q0PYTL._SL500_AA272_Regular readers of this blog know that I am not snobby when it comes to beauty products. If it’s cheap and it works, all the better. I have been trying to find a great shampoo and conditioner that’s under $10. I haven’t been able to find one! I used to use whatever shampoo I happened to buy, but ever since I started to put some color in my hair, it definitely seems to matter what I use to clean and condition. And the best team I have found is the Hydrate line from Pureology. It not only keeps color looking vibrant, it makes my hair feel like its normal texture and lets it style exactly how I want it. It really is the best I’ve used. I just have two beefs: they act like it’s all vegan and pure, but if you read the ingredients there’s a lot of crap in there. Apparently it’s very difficult to make organic shampoo, for whatever reason. And my second issue is the price. 10 ounces runs about $27, although you can buy a much bigger bottle at Ulta and the cost per ounce comes down somewhat.

I recently gave L’Oreal’s new Everpure shampoo and conditioner a try, and though I had high hopes, it’s not good. My hair feels too dry and processed And for some reason John Frieda’s line leaves my roots almost greasy — it’s like it doesn’t totally wash out. So I’m sticking with Pureology’s Hydrate, but I’ll keep trying to find a less expensive, better option. (You can find it at Target and Duane Reade. Pureology makes several lines of shampoo, so make sure you buy the Hydrate line in the purple bottle.)

White House Memories

I’m watching a Brian Williams special where he’s behind the scenes of the White House, and it’s reminding me of the time I went to the White House, the day after Bill Clinton’s first inauguration. My sister took me as her guest, and when we walked in a butler tipped a silver tray our way and offered us coffee, causing us to giggle uncontrollably. We were like, “Two little girls from New Jersey at the White House.” We took everything we could get our hands on as souvenirs — napkins, boxes of M & Ms, match books, all with the presidential seal. I don’t know where that stuff is. I should look for it.

Make-Up Tip

I had a shoot today at work, which was fortuitous because this morning for the first time, I noticed that my concealer was settling into the lines beneath my eyes. (Thanks Austin and Addison.) Anyway, I posed the problem to Robin, the lovely makeup artist on the shoot (who also happens to be The Rachael Ray Show‘s makeup artist) and she said primer is the key. It evens out the skin and gives the concealer or foundation a level playing field, so to speak. I’m going to give it a try.


Don’t you feel like every day brings more depressing craziness? The Air France flight falling out of the sky, the guy assasinating the abortion doctor, Republicans calling the Hispanic Supreme Court nominee a racist…I could go on, but I want to end this on an up note.

Conan O’Brien debuted his new Tonight Show last night. I DVR’d it to watch — he was funny. I thought he did a great job and didn’t seem terribly nervous for a first night. And I think they must have a better lighting budget on this show, because he doesn’t look as pale and pasty. But I remain true to Mr. Letterman. Accept no imitations!!

Hope all is well with all of you…


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