Space Saving = Tasty!

April 20, 2009

Today was one of those days where I really felt like Supermom. You know those days when you’re running around taking care of a million things and yet you still find time to bake cookies, make dinner for everyone and do a school project? That’s me today.

$19.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond

Anyway, Austin and I made chocolate chip cookies and it made me remember how much great stuff there is now that they make compact so it can fit into your kitchen without taking up too much space. If you’re looking for new things, look for these first as they’re truly space savers. And if you’ve got something that just takes up way too much room, you might want to consider replacing it for peace of mind.

First off, there are great silicone collapsible measuring cups by SleekStor ($19.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond). Because they store flat, they slip easily into any drawer. They come in fun colors too! (We have the red, as shown here.)

There are also measuring spoons that twist into a straight line, kind of like a Swiss Army knife. (No more looking for that darn 1/4 teaspoon!) The ones I have are pictured here. They’re called Swivel Measuring Spoons  and they’re by Chef’n.

$4.99 at most kitchenware stores

$4.99 at most kitchenware stores

Cooling racks are a must for any baker, so why not opt for some stacking racks? Fox Run Craftsmen makes a nice, well-made affordable set (pictured). They fit nicely into a narrow box but they fold out and stack to hold dozens of cookies.

$9.99 at

$9.99 at

Finally, Tupperware makes their famous storage containers in a collapsible version, under their Flat Out line. It allows you to fit several in the footprint of where one used to go. You can find them online at, or you can find a Tupperware dealer in your area. (So old school!) There are various shapes and sizes and colors, and the prices vary.

Check the full line out at

Check the full line out at

These won’t cut down on the work involved with whatever you’re making, but somehow being more efficient with what space you have in the kitchen is delicious in itself.

Feelin’ Good

Finally, some glorious weather! We started off the weekend by volunteering in Central Park on Friday. We ended up scraping and painting a fence that goes around the perimeter of a playground at 93rd and Central Park West. It hadn’t been painted in five years and needed it, so finishing the big job in a few hours made us all feel great. If you’re ever looking to volunteer and would love to spend some time outside in the park, the Central Park Conservancy is always looking for volunteers in the park, doing everything from painting, planting, weeding and picking up garbage. The woman in charge told us that they’ve stopped using blowers for the leaves because they’re trying to be more environmentally-friendly. So they started raking Central Park in October and they are just finishing now, in April. Seven months of raking!! So if you have a couple of hours, go there and grab a rake for heaven’s sake.

Weekend Warriors

We had a fun weekend — Saturday we hit Madison Square Park and the Shake Shack with some of Austin’s friends from school and their family.The line is still ridiculous but the food is still fantastic.

Austin was craving paella so on Saturday night we hit La Nacional on 14th Street. (This kid is going to be a foodie like his parents.) I’ve written about this hidden spot before — we didn’t have a reservation and they were booked for the night, but they let us eat out by the bar, which was fine. I like going there because I get to practice my Spanish. Afterward we had dessert down the street at the Donut Pub. Always delicious! Seeing my kids on the stools, biting into their donuts with rainbow sprinkles, is adorable.

We had lunch outside today at Vento, on 9th Avenue and 14th Street. The outside space is great, they give the kids coloring books and crayons, but the food is very mediocre. A good every once in a while option when the weather is nice, I guess.

Hope you all managed to get out and enjoy the warm sunshine. What’s making you happy these days? Drop me a line and let me know — we can feature it in a future post. Share the good feelings!


One Response to “Space Saving = Tasty!”

  1. Andy from MA Says:

    I feel very hip because I too ate at La Nacional and the Donut Pub. Austin, Addison, and I are ubercool!

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