Draw on the Walls, Kids

March 30, 2009

5166et3cifl_aa400_One of the cheapest toys for kids is actually a great way for them to express themselves artistically: a box of crayons. My children, particularly Austin, will sit for a while and draw all sorts of things, from self-portraits to outdoor scenes to robots and bugs. And in restaurants, it’s an excellent, portable way to make the time pass between ordering and actually getting the food, without having them devour the entire bread basket or dump out all of the sugar/Sweet N Low/Splenda packets. The drawback is that kids don’t always stick to paper: tables, clothes, walls, counters and carpets are all targets for the errant (or deliberate) scribble. Which is where washable crayons from Crayola come in. Same great colors, but marks just wipe up or wash out. We’ve banished any crayons that aren’t washable from our home, having been burned a couple of times. It’s peace of mind when they pick up a crayon to color — it’s a beautiful thing, and not a potential weapon. (Available at Target and other places you’d buy art supplies. A box of 16 Crayola Washable Crayons is about $3.50.)

It’s Survey Week!

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And Finally…

We roadtripped to Pennsylvania to meet my new little nephew. Very cute! Addison gave him lots of hugs.

Since my parents were staying at my sister’s, we stayed in a Homewood Suites hotel, which is owned by Hilton. It was good — it’s nice with the kids to have a separate bedroom so you can shut the door when they go to sleep and the parents can still stay up. The breakfast was decent (actual fresh fruit!) and they bake cookies every night. Bath products are from Neutrogena. Plus the rooms have kitchenettes. I think the key with those sorts of hotels is to stay at the newer ones — once they’ve been around for a while they tend to get worn out. But I would stay there again.

We also ate a good French restaurant for brunch today — Confit, on Market Street in Camp Hill. If you’re in the Harrisburg area, check it out — apparently they have an all you can eat moules frites night (that’s mussels and french fries to you) on Monday nights — $18. And believe me when I say finding a good French restaurtant in Central Pennsylvania is a true find! (And no, that’s not NYC snobbery, that’s just a fact!) It’s about 20 minutes from Hersheypark, and it just might be worth the drive if you’ve had enough fast food.

Thunder and lightening just cleared out all of the fog and I can see the Empire State Building again. Kind of a gloomy weekend, weather-wise. Hope you took advantage of it and got some stuff done inside!


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