Can’t Stop the Music

January 30, 2009

I’d like to start today by saying that no matter what your size, age, or sex, tucking your shirt into your sweatpants is not a good look. Ever.

Anyway it’s that time again, boys and girls: SINGLE OF THE WEEK! And for that we turn to Ken, who from this post seems a little angry, but let’s just focus on the song, shall we?

This song by the Black Kids has been floating around in the musical ether since last summer, and is, I think, good enough not to have left our collective conscious just yet. You may not have heard it, since you were probably busy planning your kid’s party at some bouncy gym or forcing friends to sign up for your stupid Super Bowl squares. So here it is: I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend. Click on it and turn it up.

I’d like to point out that a few weeks back our first single of the week was The Fear from Lily Allen. A week later Entertainment Weekly put it on their hot list. Coincidence? Scoop!!

Another One Falls

ma_09feb_cover1The number of layoffs continues to mount, and this week saw the closing of Domino magazine at Conde Nast. I wasn’t a subscriber but I did pick it up from time to time. As someone who reads tons of mags on a weekly and monthly basis, I’m always sad when one bites the dust. Unfortunately we may see this happening more and more with the way things are going.

But on to happier things…it’s the end of the week (yes!), which means waffles, smoothies, tickling, coloring and in general just hanging out with the kids. My good friend Smish is coming by with her super cute daughter for a play date and of course it’s the Super Bowl…and I really don’t care who wins since my boys the Eagles aren’t going to be there on the field. Ken and I are also headed out for one last restaurant week dinner. So it should be good – hope you all have some fun stuff planned. Drop me a line and tell me your fav things to do on the weekend. I’ll include them in a future post. Take care!`


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